Instagram Audit: Easy Way to Check the Health of Your Instagram

Have you tried every trick in the book, but your Instagram isn’t bringing the results you anticipated? If yes, you need an Instagram Audit now!

More and more businesses have started using Instagram as a sales and lead-generation tool. However, they often face a lack of engagement with their content, poor following, and their dreams of having a triumphant marketing channel burst.

Running an Instagram account requires much more than just posting content. Instagram is a more complex platform where more aspects lead to its success.

You may be wondering, “how can I know if my account and content are set up for success?”

The answer is simple – run a professional Instagram Audit that will show the flaws and highlight what strategies may improve the performance of your account.

An Instagram audit is a comprehensive assessment of the current account, content, followers, hashtags, and strategies that will give insights into potential issues.

In this article, I will share how you can conduct your accounts Instagram Audit and how it can contribute to the growth of your account and business.

What is Instagram Audit?

Instagram Audit is a comprehensive assessment of your current account, content, followers, strategies, hashtags, community, and even your competitors.

Looking at your account yourself, it is hard to know what things may be preventing your content from gaining more engagement, getting new followers, or driving traffic to your website for sales.

A non-biased assessment of your account can help you answer many questions, such as:

  1. why am I not getting new followers?

  2. why is the engagement with my posts low?

  3. how can I drive traffic to my website?

  4. is my strategy effective?

  5. how can I improve my results?

These are just some of the questions that every Instagrammer, no matter the size, has.

Some who like experimenting and don’t want to get fast results may choose to explore the options and see whether the results improve, but the majority want the results fast!

That’s why third-party Instagram Audits can come in extremely handy.

Why do you need Instagram Audit?

We are used to performance evaluations and reports, but we aren’t used to reflecting on and assessing past and ongoing strategies. How can your Instagram account progress if you do not perform an evaluation of your activities regularly?

Instagram is complex.

It has become harder and harder to attract the attention of prospects, gain new followers or sell on Instagram. The reason is simple – the amount of content shared daily is huge!

Each day 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram.

How can you compete with that?


You need know assess your current strategy and see whether any improvements are needed. You may run your account and get hundreds of likes under your posts, but do you achieve other goals?

Are hundreds of likes enough, or you’d like to take it to the next level and start getting thousands?

For instance, I have audited hundreds of Instagram accounts with brilliant content. They are consistent in posting as well; however, their engagement rate or sales via Instagram are low.

Why is it?

There are certain patterns (or mistakes, if you please) that most Instagrammers make which prevent them from growing.

As a result, sometimes, it’s really important for a third party to take an unbiased look at your Instagram activities and see how they can be improved.

The unbiased feedback can give inspiration to improvements to your existing strategy.

If you have been trying various strategies and aren’t happy with the results, an audit may also disclose the underlying issues that prevent your Instagram growth.

What is covered in Instagram Audit?

Tons of websites offer automated Instagram Audits. It means that you only need to key in your Instagram handle, and the system will automatically give you the basic metrics to figure out what’s wrong.

I hate this type of audit.

Such Instagram Audits are useless as they barely give any insight into what’s been working and what hasn’t. No wonder they are free and provide no valuable information for improvement.

They also make you even more confused as the results are purely based on numbers which may make less sense. You already know that you should aim for higher numbers. The primary question is how you can achieve them.

My Instagram Audits are a manual, personalized and cover the following aspects:

  • Profile and bio: is your profile engaging? How can you improve it?
  • Content: is your content relevant? Is the quality of your content good?
  • Captions: why aren’t you getting enough engagement? How can you improve your captions?
  • Followers: who are your followers? Are they genuine? What’s your fake follower score?
  • Hashtags: do you use the right hashtags? Is your hashtag strategy results-driven? What are some of the other hashtags that you should consider using?
  • Action plan: each audit includes a customized 5-10 step action plan to help you achieve your Instagram goals.
  • Follow-up: after each Instagram Audit, you can have a private one-on-one session with me via ZOOM to discuss your results.

Each audit comes with a personalized action plan that will help your growth. I manually assess and prepare a 25+ report that’s shared with you.

You can also opt for a one-on-one ZOOM call with me to discuss our report. During the call, which usually lasts for up to an hour, we can discuss the results, and I’ll gladly answer any of your questions. 

Get your Instagram Audit today!

It hasn’t been easier! You can book an Instagram Audit online and have it delivered within 7 days. You won’t need to share your login details, and you can carry on with your daily postings, engagement, and other usual activities.

Audits may highlight issues like an out-of-date profile, not engaging content, and fake followers. Having an accurate picture in mind, you’ll be able to tweak your strategy to get the best results.

I’ve helped more than 100 Instagram accounts achieve their goals. They all struggled to gain followers, drive traffic to their websites, sell on Instagram, boost engagement rates, or build brand awareness.

An audit is essential every so often to ensure your existing strategy is successful. It is also important to find the missing pieces in your strategy and implement them to achieve growth.

Instagram self audit Gumroad Edgaras Katinas

If you wish to perform an Instagram Audit yourself, I have prepared a helpful guide that you can follow and assess your account. The guide also includes some general growth strategies that you can implement.

Even though self-audits are less personalized, they can be a great option to kick off your self-reflection.


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