Why You Should Always Pick Content Marketing over Paid Advertising

There is no right or wrong here as both types of marketing are essential for most businesses. As a B2B or B2C marketer, you can still generate plenty of leads using content marketing or paid advertising, as both channels can be very effective.

However, let’s be realistic – not everyone can afford paid advertising, similarly like not everyone has the time and patience to wait for the results from content marketing.


When you are comparing paid advertising and content marketing, look at the long-term gains.

I heard a great comparison between content marketing and paid advertising. It’s like comparing renting your home and owning it.

By paying your rent, you get the benefits immediately – a place to live, access to facilities, “free” equipment that comes together – but it has no long-term gain.

Meanwhile, each mortgage payment has a benefit for your future. Nevertheless, by owning your own home, you don’t have to abide by your landlord’s rules.

Similarly, content marketing gives you the freedom in terms of word counts, image sizes, or messaging. You are likely to build a stronger brand affinity and engage with the customer. Content marketing also allows you to create something that is much more personal and beneficial to your customer.

So, in the end, are you looking for a quick gain or a long-term benefit? Often, a combination of both is what companies could choose; however, don’t ignore the importance of content marketing.

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